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Marine Corps Air Station New River

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Unit, Personal, & Family Readiness Program


The Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program trains and prepares every Marine and their family to ensure optimum resiliency when faced with life cycle events. When every Marine and family in a unit reaches the optimum level of resiliency, a high state of personal and family readiness will result, thereby ensuring the unit's high state of readiness.

Family is defined as ALL members of a Marine's family. Marines have three families: the family they are born into, the family they are sworn into, and the family they are married into. Therefore, family support shall be accessible and provided to Marines (regardless of marital status), spouses, children, wards, and the designated parents/extended family members of Marines.

The goal of the Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program is to provide resource information and training in addition to support services to enhance a Marine's personal and family readiness. A Marine must ensure his or her personal and family affairs are in order so that he or she will remain fully focused on the mission, whether in garrison or in combat.


  • Is prepared for family separations and life events
  • Understand the additional responsibilities that will fall on the family when the Marine departs
  • Is knowledgeable of and able to utilize information about benefits, entitlements, programs and services provided through the Department of Defense, Marine Corps and the community
  • Is knowledgeable of and able to utilize information about benefits, entitlements, programs and services provided through the Department of Defense, Marine Corps and the community
UNIT Family Readiness Officer Phone Number (910)- E-Mail Address
H & HS Mrs. Jennifer Anderson 449-7155
CNATT GySgt Robert Torres 449-5763
VMX 22 Mrs Julie Soares  449-4166
MWSS 272 Mrs. Shelbie Billot 449-6298
MACS 2 Det. B GySgt Joshua Hooten 449-6118
MAG 26 Mr. William Coplen 449-7172
MALS 26 Mrs. Kristin Jones 449-6551
VMM 162 Mrs. Ana Kukowski 449-5676
VMM 365 Mrs. Jennifer McCart 449-4838
VMM 263 Mrs. Jenn Parrish 449-4698
VMM 264 Mrs. Angela Breslin 449-6889
VMM 266 Mrs. Joanie Shostak 449-7391
VMM 261 Mrs. Julie Barilich 449-7102
VMMT 204 Mrs. Samantha Dunlop 449-4697
MAG 29 GySgt James Hutchinson (Duty FRO) 449-6189
MALS 29 Mrs. Sabina Carter 449 4158
HMLA 167 Mrs. Heather Dubois 449-5938
HMH 461 Mrs. Judy Robinson 449-6020
HMH 464 Mrs. Samantha Miller 449-5204
HMLA 269 Ms. Meghan Heine 449-6467
HMHT 302 Mrs. Adrianne Huls 449-5314
eMarine Website

The eMarine website is a secure site available only to Marines, Service Members, Civilians serving Marines and their Family Members*. This system will provide Family Members with a valuable tool to access documents, view photos/videos, participate in forums, and gain important information about their Marine's Unit from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

A Unit's eMarine site promotes a community feeling within Units by providing a place that is customized to the Unit and contains content that is controlled by the Unit. These sites can be accessed any time to view information and photos, read stories, ask questions, participate in Forums, and much more.

*Once you have subscribed to your unit site you will have the opportunity to invite up to 5 family members to join the site. You can also manage your family members list from anywhere in the world.

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