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MCAS Operations: 22nd MEU returns from deployment
U.S. Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallions with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 264 reinforced and MH-53E Sea Dragons with the USS Kearsarge transport Marines with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit to Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C., Sept. 20, 2018. 22nd MEU’s return was delayed due to Hurricane Florence impacting Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River with periods of strong winds, heavy rains, flooding of urban and low lying areas, flash floods and coastal storm surges. (U.S. Marine Corps Video by Staff Sgt. Albert J. Carls)
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Military Personnel Notice: Update regarding reimbursement claims for Hurricane Florence

The Marine Corps has just received confirmation of our authority to reimburse service members, civil service employees, and dependents who departed the area prior to, and as a result of, Hurricane Florence for the period from Sept. 15 to the date of their return or Sept. 23, whichever occurred first.

We are refining the details and processes associated with these reimbursements in order to make claim submission as efficient as possible for all those eligible. We anticipate starting claims processing on or shortly after Monday, Oct. 22. Please contact your unit's administrative section for details. MCCS (NAF) employees are advised to contact their HR representatives for details.

Upcoming Event: Post-Storm Information Session for air station, base residents

Atlantic Marine Corps Communities is hosting another Post-Storm Information Session for residents of Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River at the Knox Landing Community Center on Oct. 22 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Representatives will be available to speak with you from:

  • AMCC
  • Military Housing Office
  • FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency 
  • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
  • Legal/Claims
  • American Red Cross
  • Distribution Management Office
  • Camp Lejeune
  • New River School Liaison
  • Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools

The next session will take place on Oct. 31 at MCAS New River Community Center from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Public Notice: Deer Harvest regulation reminder

Wildlife official have had an usually high number of hunters forgetting to properly report their deer harvest. Please follow the steps below when you harvest a deer on base or the air station; failure to do so could result in suspension of your hunting privileges. The information collected is crucial to managing the base deer population.

  1. Take deer to one of three check stations (Old Sawmill Rd, Verona Loop Rd, and MCAS New River).
  2. Properly remove jaw bone, place it in the provided plastic bag, complete a jaw bone card, staple card to OUTSIDE of bag, and place bag in refrigerator.
  3. Enter the weight, sex, and antler measurements in EFAWCTS and close your hunt session.
  4. Complete harvest information on Game Harvest Report Card and drop it in the harvest card box.
  5. Wash off the weigh station area for the next hunter.
  6. You MUST report your harvest in accordance with NC regulations. Call 1-800-I-GOT-ONE or visit

Signs are posted in each check station to walk you through the harvest reporting process.

Public Notice: Update on restoration operations in housing areas on the air station and Camp Lejeune

In an effort to keep our residents up to date on the recovery effort within our housing areas, Marine Corps Installations East is providing the following information.

Lincoln Military Housing provides homes to 560 residents aboard MCB Camp Lejeune.  There was no significant damage reported, and Lincoln is working to restore the minor damage (lost siding, fences down, etc.) at this time.  No residents are currently living in temporary housing and none have requested to be moved.

There are 6,182 homes served by Atlantic Marine Corps Communities at MCB Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River and MCAS Cherry Point.  Of those, 4,644 homes are at Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River.  Power was out to the majority of the neighborhoods until 21 September, which impacted the ability to access damage.  Since that time, house-to-house assessments have begun in earnest, with the following level of damage revealed to the overall North Carolina inventory as of close of business on October 4, 2018:

70% of the North Carolina inventory has had some level of damage

Nearly every home has been visually assessed, using the following numerical scale:

  • Category 0 = No Damage – occupied home
  • Category 1 = Exterior Damage only (ex. fence, soffit, siding missing) – occupied home
  • Category 2 = Home with imminent ceiling collapse or water damage.  Potential or on-going microbial growth
  • Category 3 = Major Damage - unsafe or extent of repairs require relocation of the resident

Based on assessments, the following has been reported for the NC inventory:

  • More than 150 homes in Category 3
  • More than 1,200 homes in Category 2
  • More than 4,000 maintenance service orders from residents have been responded to following the storm to date

Recovery status: 

  1. Visual assessment of all neighborhoods exterior only (major damage noted): 100% complete
  2. Interior assessment of all homes: 99% complete
  3. Relocation of residents: 70% complete
  4. Major Tree Removal from homes: 100% complete (limb removal 65% complete)
  5. Tarp: Estimate complete Monday all neighborhoods, of reported/discovered issues to date  (7+ forklifts applying)
  6. Interior Dry In/Environmental Testing: 10% complete
  7. Demolition/Repair: Less than 2% complete with easiest to repair being addressed first
  8. Landscape Debris Removal: 65% complete

AMCC has partnered with environmental testing firms, including industrial hygiene certified consultants for the repair and recovery process. The timeline to complete home repairs is driven by the extent of damage and category of the assessment of each home. With 70% of homes affected, repairs will take several weeks to many months to complete.

AMCC is working with families affected to relocate to other homes aboard the installation.  Many residents are being housed in temporary accommodations, and AMCC is allowing families to break their lease should residents desire.  The Military Housing Office is working with families to provide information regarding local rentals for those who have requested assistance.

Please be assured that both MCIEAST and our housing partners are working hard to restore our communities.  It takes everyone's involvement, and we are thankful to those who continue to do what they can to aid in this monumental effort.




Colonel Russell C. Burton
MCAS New River Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Scott T. Trent
MCAS New River Executive Officer

Sergeant Major Roger F. Griffith
MCAS New River Sergeant Major
Marine Corps Air Station New River provides aviation support, force protection, infrastructure, and community services to promote the readiness, sustainment and quality of life for II MEF and other military forces, tenant commands, personnel and their families.



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