Voter Registration Program

The mission of the Voter Registration Program is to provide all military members, civilians, and eligible family members with voting information and assistance to ensure they have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

If you have questions about voting, registering to vote, polling places, or how to cast your ballot, contact the voting officer listed below. Remember, every vote counts.

The points of contact, documents, and references on this page are provided to assist you with navigating the voting process for the elections for which you are eligible.

The Installation Voting Assistance Office is located in Building AS-120, Room 130.  The hours that the Installation Voting Assistance Officer can be reached are Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and contact can be made at (910) 449-5476/7831 or  


IVA Officer, MCAS New River                                     VAO, H&HS                                                          Mailing Address    
Captain Kenneth Stevenson                                         Captain Marquis White                                          Voting Assistance Officer
(910) 449-5476/7831                                                            (910) 449-6115                                                      Commanding Officer
DSN 752-5476                                                              DSN 752-6115                                                       PSC Box 21001                                                               Jacksonville, NC 28545-1001
Upcoming Election Information

Indiana                       05/07/2024       State Primary

Indiana                       05/07/2024       Presidential Primary

West Virginia              05/14/2024       State Primary

Nebraska                    05/14/2024       State Primary

Nebraska                     05/14/2024       Presidential Primary

West Virginia               05/14/2024       Presidential Primary

Maryland                     05/14/2024       Presidential Primary

Nebraska                    05/14/2024       U.S. Senate Special Primary

North Carolina            05/14/2024       Federal Primary Runoff

Maryland                     05/14/2024       State Primary

Georgia                       05/21/2024       State Primary

Oregon                       05/21/2024       Presidential Primary

Oregon                       05/21/2024       State Primary

California                    05/21/2024       CD 20 Special General

Kentucky                    05/21/2024       State Primary

Kentucky                    05/21/2024       Presidential Primary

Idaho                          05/21/2024       State Primary

Texas                         05/28/2024       State Primary Runoff

Montana                    06/04/2024       State Primary

South Dakota            06/04/2024       State Primary