Policy Letters

All existing guidance, orders, directives, and processes issued under the commands of Marine Corps Installations East and Marine Corps Air Station New River remain in effect until cancelled, modified, or superseded by new guidance, orders, or directives. 

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Policy #DescriptionDateSponsorPolicy Letter
CO Policy Letter 01-17Heat and Cold Stress Injury Prevention1/18/2017SDCO POLICY LETTER 01-17.pdf
CO Policy Letter 02-19Personal Portable Electronic Device Policy8/7/2019S-6CO POLICY LETTER 02-19.pdf
CO Policy Letter 02-22Support Agreement Approval and Signature Authority5/13/2022I&RCO POLICY LETTER 02-22.pdf
CO Policy Letter 03-21Shredder Use and Purchase Policy4/6/2021SECMANCO POLICY LETTER 03-21.pdf
CO Policy Letter 03-22Commanders Critical Information Requirements Reporting and Notification Procedures7/13/2022Commanding OfficerCO POLICY LETTER 03-22.pdf
CO Policy Letter 04-18Policy for MCAS New River Active Vehicle Barrier Systems5/29/2018S-3CO POLICY LETTER 04-18.pdf
CO Policy Letter 04-21Defense Travel System and Agency Program Coordinator Organization Structure5/17/2021COMPCO POLICY LETTER 04-21.pdf
CO Policy Letter 06-18Military Identification Card Control Policy11/15/2018S-1CO POLICY LETTER 06-18.pdf
CO Policy Letter 06-22Hot Loading of Expendables on MCAS New River8/19/2022S-3 (Ops)CO POLICY LETTER 06-22.pdf
CO Policy Letter 02-23Marine Corps Air Station New River Safety Recognition and Reward Program2/10/2023SDCO POLICY LETTER 02-23.pdf
CO Policy Letter 05-21 Business Rules for Station Funded Temporary Duty and Government Travel Charge Card Use5/17/2021COMPCO POLICY LETTER 05-21.pdf
CO Policy Letter 03-23Marine Corps Air Station New River Welcome Aboard Program8/2/2023COCO POLICY LETTER 03-23.pdf