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Marine Corps Air Station New River

"Pardon Our Noise, It's The Sound Of Freedom"
Ultimate Frisbee soars into New River

By Cpl. Martin Egnash | Marine Corps Air Station New River | April 01, 2013

Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C. --

Intramural sports like football, baseball and soccer have long been a tradition aboard Marine Corps Air Station New River. These intramural leagues give Marines and Sailors the opportunity to compete against other sections they may not see on a day-to-day basis.

While these sports have a lot to offer for Marines who played them in high school or for recreation, a growing demand has led the Marine Corps Community Services Athletic Department to add a new sport to the air station’s list of intramural leagues.

Ultimate Frisbee.

Colleges and universities across the nation have hosted Ultimate Frisbee leagues for decades and its popularity has steadily increased.

“Ultimate Frisbee is a great sport for the median age group in the Marine Corps,” said Chris Miller, assistant athletic director for MCCS aboard the air station. “We have a lot of Marines aged 18-25. That’s the same age as all the college kids who are playing (Ultimate Frisbee) all over the United States.”

MCCS will open Ultimate Frisbee intramural leagues to all Marines and Sailors aboard the air station, male and female.

“I think playing Ultimate Frisbee with your co-workers can form camaraderie,” said Miller. “Units are already doing mandatory physical training together. Why can’t they do Ultimate Frisbee for PT? Then they can get in their unit PT and get some practice for their shop team at the same time.”

According to Miller, playing Ultimate Frisbee builds cardiovascular health and endurance.

Players do not need previous Frisbee experience to play. The air station athletics department has shortened the official Ultimate Frisbee guidelines to just 10 rules.

“One of the best things about Ultimate Frisbee is how easy it is to learn,” said Nancy Stankowski, MCCS director of athletics aboard the air station. “There’s not a ton of rules in it like football, where you need to have some experience playing beforehand. Here, if you want to play and you’re willing to practice, you can figure it out.”

Another reason why they are starting intramural leagues for Ultimate Frisbee is so Marines will have a new pastime to use in the future.

“When Marines are deployed and have some free time with nothing to do, all they need is a Frisbee and some players to get a game going,” said Stankowski.

Teams will consist of seven or more people from the same unit. To start a team, get together enough Marines or Sailors from your section and call the air station athletics office at 910-449-5609.

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