MCAS New River COMMSTRAT Photo Studio hours of operation:

Thursday: 7:30 to 11 a.m.

1. Promotion Photographs for Marines and Sailors must have height and weight letter
2. Command Board photographs
3. MECEP Packages
4. Warrant Officer Packages
5. Administrative Separation Packages
6. MARADMIN 198/07 tattoo policy documentation
7. Passports, according to DOD instructions 1000.21-R to include proof of DD form 1056
8. Marine of the Quarter
9. Non-Commissioned Officer of the Quarter

All other administration documentation support will be approved based upon the guidance of the corresponding MCO. It is the individual's responsibility to provide such directions and orders.

1. Change of Commands
2. Relief and Appointments
3. Squadron Group Photos
4. Aerial Photography
5. Building Dedications
6. VIP Visits
7. Retirement Ceremonies (E-9s, Colonels and above) all others will be on a case-by-case basis. According to the Combat Camera Order 5040.44, Retirement Ceremonies are considered a social event.
8. Concerts held aboard MCAS New River by the guidance of the MCAS New River COMMSTRAT Officer.
9. MCAS New River high-profile events, such as 4th of July events, Memorial Day celebration and Christmas gatherings (By Commanding Officers' guidance)

COMMSTRAT Photo Studio
AS-425 Campbell Street
Marine Corps Air Station New River

Phone: (910) 449-5277
Fax: (910) 449-5119