All existing guidance, orders, directives, and processes issued under the commands of Marine Corps Installations East and Marine Corps Air Station New River remain in effect until cancelled, modified, or superseded by new guidance, orders, or directives. 

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SSICCancelDescriptionDateSponsorBulletin Name
ASBul 171012/31/20232023 Commanding Officer's Cup Intramural Sports Schedule12/6/2022MCCSASBul 1710.pdf
ASBul 5210 SOP for Records Management9/30/2022AdjutantASBul 5210.pdf
ASBul 5210.212/31/20222022 Audit of MCAS New River Essential Records2/27/2022AdjutantASBul 5210.2.pdf
ASBul 5214 Information Requirements Management Program Annual Checklist9/30/2022AdjutantASBul 5214.pdf
ASBul 5215_January 2023 2023 First Biannual Checklist of MCAS New River Station Directives1/4/2023AdjutantASBul 5215_January 2023.pdf