Orders: 1000-1999


Includes subjects relating solely to the administration of military personnel. Civilian personnel subjects are included in the 12000 series. General personnel subjects relating to both civilian and military personnel are included in the 5000 series.

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SSICDescriptionDateSponsorOrder Name
ASO 1050.2NLeave and Liberty Regulations7/31/2023AdjutantASO 1050.2N.pdf
ASO 1080.1APersonnel Accountability10/31/2018S-1ASO 1080.1A.pdf
ASO 1301.25Assumption of Command7/8/2022Commanding OfficerASO 1301.25.pdf
ASO 1302.1DCheck-in/Check-out Procedures for Military Personnel9/5/2019S-1ASO 1302.1D.pdf
ASO 1610.1CPolicies and Procedures for Fitness Reports2/14/2020AdjutantASO 1610.1C.pdf
ASO 1730.4GStanding Operating Procedures for the Command Religious Program10/23/2023ChaplainASO 1730.4G.pdf
ASO 1746.19BPossession, Sale and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages7/26/2021Staff Judge AdvocateASO 1746.19B.pdf
ASO 1752.1BSOP for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program12/14/2022Sexual Assault Prevention and Response ProgramASO 1752.1B.pdf
ASO 1754.1MCAS New River Installation Marine and Family Programs Charter11/13/2019Marine Corps Community ServicesASO 1754.1.pdf