Orders: 12000-12999


Includes subjects relating solely to the administration of civilian personnel. (Military personnel subjects are including in the 1000 series. General personnel subjects relating to both civilian and military personnel are included in the 5000 series.).

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SSICDescriptionDateSponsorOrder Name
ASO 12410.1BCivilian Training, Leadership and Career Development1/24/2019S-1ASO 12410.1B.pdf
ASO 12451.1BIncentive Awards Program9/4/2018S-1ASO 12451.1B.pdf
ASO 12712.2CCivilian Welfare and Recreation Association8/28/2018S-1ASO 12712.2C.pdf
ASO 12511.1Position Management Program3/21/2023S-1ASO 12511.1.pdf