Orders: 3000-3999


Includes subjects related to such matters as operational plans, fleet operations, operational training and readiness, warfare techniques, operational intelligence, research and development, and geophysical and hydrographic support.

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SSICDescriptionDateSponsorOrder Name
ASO 3040.1CPersonnel Casualty Reporting and Serious Incident Reporting Notification Procedures12/5/2022AdjutantASO 3040.1C .pdf
ASO 3070.1DMission Assurance Program12/7/2020S-3 (Ops)ASO 3070.1D.pdf
ASO 3120.1SOP for Innovation and Readiness Department6/16/2022I&RASO 3120.1.pdf
ASO 3146.1ASharePoint Governance and Management7/12/2021S-6ASO 3120.1.pdf
ASO 3302.2BInstallation Food Defense Program9/7/2023S-3 (Ops)ASO 3302.2B.pdf
ASO 3710.41B CH 1SOP for Closed Tower Operations at MCAS New River10/21/2020S-3 (Ops)ASO 3710.41B CH 1.pdf
ASO 3710.7Y CH 1-4Airfield Operations Manual12/21/2020S-3 (Ops)ASO 3710.7Y CH 1-4.pdf