Civil Law
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, MCAS New River
Civil Law

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The Civil Law section includes, but is not limited to: reviewing command directives; researching ethics issues and drafting ethics opinions for the Staff Judge Advocates; reviewing liability waivers; and providing training. 

The Civil Law section also researches legal issues and drafts responses for debarment procedures, Lautenberg Act violations, fundraising requests, post-government employment questions, civil processing applications, civilian solicitor authorization opinions, reinstatement of driving privilege letters, and many other legal requests. 

Coordination with Civil Authorities – The Civil Law Section, has the responsibility of coordinating matters in accordance with the guidelines in the JAGMAN, Chapter 6, relating to civilian warrants of arrest, surrender of military personnel to civil authorities, the service of civil process, and all related matters for commands at MCAS New River. 

Arrest Warrants – The Civil Law Section will notify command representatives when service members are named in arrest warrants. Information will also be provided as to the nature of the charges and bail amount required. Commanding officers are ultimately responsible for ensuring the timely presence and proper attire of the service member. 

Delivery of Service members to Civilian Authorities – When it appears that civilian authorities desire to take control of a service member, commanding officers will immediately be informed of the proper procedures to follow. Under no circumstances should custody of any service member be surrendered to civilian control except through the Civil Law section. Contact the Civil Law section in any case dealing with civilian authorities. 

Subpoenas and Civil Process – All subpoena and civil process served aboard the Air Station is to be served only via the Civil Law section, at the Joint Law Center. Attempts to serve individuals at their own unit or other locations are not authorized and should be redirected immediately to the Officer-in-Charge, Civil Law. 

Repossession of Property – In order to protect the legal rights of both the debtor and creditor and maintain peace and security aboard the base, both voluntary and involuntary repossessions of personal property located aboard the base will be coordinated through the Civil Law Section. The Officer-in-Charge, Civil Law shall act as the liaison between the creditor or his repossession agent and the service member/debtor. All on-base repossession actions shall be effected at a time and place directed by the Civil Law Section only after presentation of all appropriate legal documents by the creditor or his agent.

Claims Officer/Coordinator
Claims Officer/Coordinator
COMM: (910) 449-7159
DSN: 752-7159

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Federal Tort Claims Act Packets:

 Personnel Claims Act Packets:

Claims for loss of or damage to Household Goods and unaccompanied baggage shipped or stored at government expense.  How you submit your claim depends upon how your household goods shipment was processed

  •  Defense Personal Property System (DPS) If a service member’s household goods shipment was processed using the Defense Personal Property System (DPS), the claim must be filed against the Transportation Service Provider (TSP) in DPS. Service members can access their DPS account at  DPS incorporates direct on-line claims filing, negotiation, and settlement.  30 days after filing a claim in DPS, service members may transfer all or a portion of the claim to their Military Claims Office (MCO) by selecting the “transfer to MCO” option in DPS.  The Navy MCO is the Personnel Claims Unit (PCU) located in Norfolk, VA.  For important information about transferring all or a portion of your DPS claim to the PCU: Instructions and guidance on transferring DPS claims.
  •  Non-DPS Claims - If your household goods shipment was not processed using DPS, you must submit your claim to the TSP using those instructions provided to you by the TSP at delivery. 30 days after filing a claim with the TSP, the service member can transfer all or a portion of the claim to the MCO. For important information about transferring all or a portion of your claim to the PCU: Claims for loss of or damage to Household Goods for non-DPS shipments.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Personnel Claims Unit at toll free (888) 897-8217, commercial (757) 440-6315 or DSN 564-3310.

Individaul forms:

If you are filing one of the claims addressed in one of the above packets, the appropriate forms are already included in the packet. These are additional forms for anyone who may need just the form. If you are filing one of the claims addressed above, it is highly recommended that you review the above packet for filing your claim.

Claims & Tort Litigation Section from the Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps


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