Administrative Separations
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, MCAS New River


No “statute of limitations” exists for administrative separations. Accordingly, a Marine may be processed for separation based on conduct notwithstanding the length of time between the conduct and the notification of separation or the expiration of a statute of limitations for court-martial or non-judicial punishment. However, once separation action has begun, prompt forwarding, review, and decision in each case are essential. Proceedings are initiated on the date a command receives a written request for separation from a member or on the date a command delivers a member notice of separation proceedings. The following listed time goals are measured from the date of notification or initiation of a voluntary request until the actual date of separation. Failure to complete an action within the prescribed time in no way bars separation or affects characterization. Every effort should be made, however, to meet the established goals.

Administrative Discharge Board: If SNM has six or more years of active or inactive service or possible OTH is the least favorable characterization of service, they are entitled to a board.

Separation without Board Action: 
If a board is not required or is waived, separation action should be completed within 15 working days after the Marine received notification of separation. When the initiating command and the separation authority are not located in the same geographical region, processing should be completed within 30 working days.

Separation with Board Action: 
If a board is required, action should be completed within 50 working days after the Marine received notification of separation. When the case is forwarded to the Secretary of the Navy, the case should be sent to the Secretary within 55 working days after the Marine received notification of separation. 

Board composition: 
At least 3 members: 
One field grade officer (senior member) 
Two additional members (officers of any rank or enlisted pay grade E-7 or above) 
Counsel for Respondent 

To provide command support in formulating an appropriate course of action in the processing of involuntary administrative discharges.  The Administrative Law section also provides advice and recommendations on all administrative related matters. 
Service Overview

The Administrative Separation section will prepare and track administrative discharge packages, review administrative board proceedings, prepare discharge board records of proceedings, prepare SJA’s endorsement to CG/CO for signature and mail packages to HQMC.